Jason Levin
Jason Levin

Jason Levin


What do you do?
I’m a freelance content writer, strategist, and PR consultant for startups and venture capital firms. I was previously a Staff Reporter at The Defiant, a decentralized finance news outlet.
Want to learn more about me?
Check out my blog Cyber Patterns and its partner podcast.
In my blog, I share weekly essays about content strategy taken from my life and the work of other creators. On the podcast, I interview authors, founders, and ask them for tips on content strategy.
I spent 10+ years losing on the internet to get where I’m at and racked up some funny stories and a bit of wisdom along the way. 2,500+ people subscribe. You should too.
Wait, why the fuck is it called Cyber Patterns?
I find patterns of successful creators from across the internet.
Tbh, a more accurate name would’ve been Creator Patterns or Creator Strategies, but Cyber Patterns sounded kinda like CyberPunk and that was enough for me.
Who does your art?
I use DALL-E 2 aka Sam Altman’s army of robot monkeys.
Does AI also do your writing?
Fuck no.
Why do you curse so much?
Fuck off.
Can we grab coffee?
Fuck yes. If you’re in NYC, I’m always down for coffee and co-working.


My DMs are open on Twitter. You can also hit me on Telegram @iamjasonlevin.