April 20th, 2022
Content. Content.
I’m content making content.
As of yesterday, I have my dream job. I create content about cryptocurrency for a living.
It was a long time coming.
I’ve made content since I was 11 on YouTube - never stuck with it.
I bought crypto in 2016, but sold it in 2019 for no good reason.
From March to April, I freelanced for several web3 companies while balancing a corporate job.
Now, I’m a full-time Staff Reporter for The Defiant, a news platform for decentralized finance.
It’s the first time in my life I’m not looking for a better job.
I hit 2,500 followers today after this tweet blew up (50+ new ones).
Followers is definitely a vanity metric, but it’s important on Twitter.
See, everything on Twitter is about 1) social proof and 2) compound growth. Those are the only 2 concepts you need to know about.
Social proof is credibility - cool job in bio, followed by X, retweets or comments from X. This is key to showing other people to give a shit.
Compound growth is shit gets bigger faster over time - at 2,500 followers, it’s easy to get to 3,000 followers than from 500 to 1,000 followers despite the gap being 500 in both cases.