Cool Shit Law

March 8th, 2022
“Introductions are how unsociable introverts do social capital” - Venkatesh Rao
I believe introductions are only worth making when each person is semi-equal in proportional status, intelligence, or talent.
If you introduce Person B to Person A and Person B is an idiot, Person A will think less of you. If you introduce Person B to Person A and Person A is an idiot, Person B will think less of you.
If person A and Person B like each other, they’ll both be grateful. If they have the opportunity to help each other make money, they’ll be super grateful. If Person A and Person B start fucking, they’ll be even more thankful!

I’ve been getting introduced to a lot of people via Twitter and and it’s been a lot of fun. Because of the nature of my work, I’ve gotten introduced to founders, solidity developers, writers, etc.
When I wasn’t doing cool shit, I wasn’t getting introduced to cool people.
When I was working in advertising for a kitchen remodeling franchise, I was talking to grumpy 60-year-old kitchen remodelers and fake smiling my way through it.
Now that I publish Brain Blasts, I get to talk to people ranging from hacker Jack Rhysider (host of #4 tech podcast in world) to Jamey Gannon (20-year-old web3 founder).
Because I’m doing cool shit, I get to meet others doing cool shit.
People always want to talk to others who are doing what they deem to be “cool shit.”
Hence, here is what I call the “cool shit law”. When you’re doing cool shit, you end up meeting other people doing cool shit.
If you want to meet people doing cool shit, do cool shit.