DAO-tinted goggles

April 12th, 2022
“Are we being spun a tale that we don’t dare challenge, lest we appear ignorant, Luddite, or worse?” - Jeremias Prassl, Humans as a Service
For a few months, I had DAO-tinted goggles. I worked for a DAO called Cabin as a writer and helped out on the podcasts and newsletter team a bit before getting burnt out by Discord and other responsibilities.
One of these other responsibilities was Wellness Guild, a DAO I nearly launched focused on wellness and health. I sent out a tweet, 400 people replied, and I formed a team of 3 others.
At the time, I felt like a DAO was the best way to invest in health-tech and go on health retreats with friends. My cofounder Adam kept saying “I don’t know why we need to use a DAO to do this” and I kept quelling his concerns: shared governance, shared incentives, etc.
But, I really didn’t know if a DAO was the best way to do this. I just thought it’d be fun to run a DAO and it seemed like a cool experiment.
When I realized I wanted to write full-time and I hate managing people, I stopped working on Wellness Guild. In turn, everyone else stopped working on it and it dissolved. We had an LLC and were filing paperwork with lawyers when we shut it down.
I’m really happy I shut down Wellness Guild because I’m no longer a believer in DAOs being the future of work.
Unless you’re a core contributor, you’re just a web3 gig worker.
This is great for some people, but I was hoping to transition into web3 full-time and I couldn’t cut it on a few writing pieces per month.
In Humans as a Service, Prassl lists out 4 types of freelancers in the gig economy according to a Mckinsey framework. I think 2 of them were the same so I combined 3 & 4 into one.
  • Free agent: deliberately make primary income via gig work
  • Casual earner: supplement 9-5 with gig work
  • Financially strapped: do gig work, but not by choice
If you’re a casual earner, I think DAOs are a great place to be. You can work your web2 job and make some side money in the form of crypto payments.
But, unless you have a core contributor position with monthly steady payments, there’s no way to live off bounties and tasks alone.
You’re just a web3 Uber driver.